Writing it down, take 347

I think I’m going to have to come up with some personal incentives here. 

I have the urge to write everything down and will, but it just never seems to happen. Fat kid is to twinkie as blogger is to … No idea, but I’ll figure it out eventually. Until then, I guess it’s just a matter of constant trial and error. Maybe I can actually stick to something this time around. 

I GOT THIS, possibly. 

A Grey’s Anatomy moment

I’m clearly not a woman of my word. 

Documentation of the past 6 months never happened despite the excitement of it all and, ironically, those 6 months were probably the most intensive I’ve been through as far as mistakes made and lessons learned go. 

If you haven’t watched Grey’s I suggest you get off Tumblr, do yourself a favor and catch an episode, but as viewers know in every episode there’s always the relevancy of the show, showcasing hospital cases, and then there’s the real root of why everyone watches it. It’s hard to take your eyes away from the drama of it all, the twists and turns and of course the “wtf” pitfalls and constant questioning of “Did that really just happen?”

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Things to do at work (Taken with Instagram)

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Dali + rhino


Get weird


Call it a phase or a moment… hopefully it’s not, but I really want to try to document what happens in my life either through words or pictures, preferably both. This is probably going to be the most eventful period of my life, so why not jot down everything that has happened, is happening and will happen. Maybe the gods of time will be nice to me and actually allow me to have a couple minutes every now and again to actually do this. 

Currently, I’m typing away at a desk at my internship office. No, I’m not procrastinating… Just taking a break, take that as you will lol. 

I picked up an awesome book that I can’t seem to put down, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. It wasn’t until after I bought it and saw the circular label that said “NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE” that it was, well… a motion picture. Not that I have much intention of watching it. Movies based off books always tend to give me a bit of a let down. Yes, even some Harry Potter movies got the thumbs down from me. 

Other than that, I’ll be going home to a nice surprise. Kelvin finally comes home today after after a week and then attending a Half-Christmas shindig (inspired by Workaholics). Bring out the peppermint schnapps and chocolate syrup!

Stay weird everyone. 


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